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Company Limited Trading & Tourism Qua Qua as one of the fruits in the leading travel companies in Vietnam , with rich in experience over many years in the tourism industry . We are proud to have provided so many excellent services for tourists both domestic and international .

There are a lot of people ask why not the World Vision or Vision … simple we had Vietnam , proud to be Vietnamese and confirmed the quality of tourism services on a par with Vietnam countries in the region and the world . With the motto of Prestige and Quality Customer Service is the thread through the tourism business of the company. All company members always act and work for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers.

Vision and believe in his wide , combined with the ability to provide professional services and flexible operation mechanism , we have been providing many different types of tourism and for different needs , such as free tours , packages , rest , adventure , honeymoon tours , private tours for families, tourism combined with visiting relatives or business combination , for small groups or large groups .

The reason you choose our company

There are many reasons for tourists to choose Company Trading And Tourism fruits in our domestic holiday overseas or even just set a minimum travel services

Process development company

Each tour is planned so that specific details to suit each customer’s requirements. From chief, guides, product design staff to salers … all knowledge of geography, cultural regions as a living encyclopedia. So after receiving the request of our customers know what needed to give proper advice and most effective for the customer, from the choice of hotels, restaurants, attractions tickets, .. .

We know very well the schedule of carriers, aviation and rail, road or sea … We always pay attention to the excellent service that best suits the customer’s requirements, ensuring every motion accompanied Trading company Limited Travel and fruits are lasting impression with bold humanity of the Vietnamese.

Value created on the success of each trip

We understand that every holiday is a reward for the days of hard work and stress of customers. Thus we establish tourism programs is always a combination of factors to rest, have fun, relax and get to know the cultural history of each location to be specified in the tour program. To suit customer choice, and the ranking list of tours that we offer to customers for reference are distributed according to each specific type of short to long, from difficult to easy and moderate to luxurious. All create the richness of the product as well as the comfort and peace of mind of our guests when choosing a partner service provider, whether a small group, large group, individual or organization.

Service quality

Company Limited Trading & Tourism confirmed fruits in providing the best possible service in all aspects of the product that you choose. With the strict quality of service that the company launched the service quality applicable international standards for the Vietnamese. We are committed to comply, fully and better than what is stated in the contract between the customer and the company. Throughout the journey the business, our company has always been a reliable partner and valued by major banking system in Vietnam, so personal information as well as your financial information will be secure, payment procedures and liquidation of contracts is very convenient and fast. Not only that we treat and share with visitors as the companion to avoid all risks of external shocks affect the trip. Everything mentioned above will create exciting holiday and rewarding with the unforgettable experience was worth it with a financial value that you make the trip.

Design travel programs on demand

Inspiration Our profession is made from contented smile through emotional journeys , that is motivation all member companies dedicated work and enthusiasm . Not only organizing package tours , places have been set , we also own trip designed according to customer requirements , creating unique programs separate and do not follow a specific template and suitable for all audiences . We always listen and act for clients . Please email or call us to achieve what you expect on a dream vacation .

Professional staff

Co., Ltd. Trade And Tourism proud fruits in creating a good corporate culture is a friendly working environment , the working member mounted, help and support each other when needed . That’s why the Company Trade And Tourism Ltd Fruit Fruit is a professional working environment from the office staff to the tour guide , always offering advice and accurate travel information to customers.


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